The Company

This sole proprietorship company was founded in 1952 by José António Ramos, having become a limited company in 1983, therefore including Maria Isabel Ventura Ramos, José António Ventura Ramos and Alexandre José Ventura Ramos – its Founder’s successors – as partners. The society hasn’t changed since then, except for the several capital increases, having a current share capital of 300,000.00€.


This company has more than 60 years in the industry electrical energy, trading, installing and producing several materials and equipment, in addition to providing technical assistance. Current times and human needs demand permanent development, and the company has adapted its activity accordingly, relying on a young and dynamic team of employees.

The company is proud of being one of Alentejo’s oldest companies. However, the company is also modern and prepared to take on future challenges, which is proven by the fact that it has achieved one of the goals set in 2004 – to be awarded with the standard NP EN ISO 9001:2000 by the Quality Management System in July 2004, in the scope of:


"Electrical, Electromechanical and Household Appliances Trade. Installation of Low and Medium Voltage Electrical Networks, Electrical Power Production Equipment, Telecom, Security Systems, Acclimatization Systems, Water and Sewage Networks, and Time Control Systems. Rental of Electrical Power Production Solutions."


JA RAMOS intends to become the ideal partner in its areas of operation.


To promote the best technically possible solutions in each project that it develops.


JA RAMOS guides its conduct by Professionalism, Responsibility, Quality, Transparency and Honesty.

Business Areas

Energy Production

- Solutions with diesel, petrol or gas generating sets

- Solutions with the synchronization of several generating sets

- Emergency solutions with a generating set used as a back up to the public network

- Photovoltaic solutions connected to the main power grid: Micro or Mini-generation

- Photovoltaic solutions not connected to public network

- Emergency solutions with UPS and respective battery bank

Electrical Installations and Networks

- Implementation of low and medium voltage electrical networks

- Implementation of transformer and switching stations

- Implementation of electrical infrastructures in buildings, allotments, public parks, agriculture exploitations, etc.

- Implementation of electrical installations in factories, industrial, and military facilities, services, hotels, etc.

- Implementation of street lighting networks

- Implementation of street lighting light flow regulation solutions


- Telecom Infrastructures

- ITED solutions

- ITUR solutions

- Radiofrequency communication system solutions

- GPRS communication system solutions

- Computer network system solutions


- Intrusion system solutions

- Fire detection system solutions

- Fire extinguishing system solutions

- Video surveillance system solutions

- Ambient sound system solutions

- Emergency lighting system solutions

- Access control system solutions

- GPS location system solutions

- Home automation system solutions


- Air Conditioning Systems: Residential/ Commercial/ Industrial;

- Ventilation Systems: Air Insufflation/ Air Extraction / Air Treatment / Air Dehumidifier / Air Purification

- Heating/Cooling Systems


- Water intake systems

- Water treatment systems

- Water pressurization systems

- Water pumping systems

- Water distribution systems

- Water metering systems

- Sewer and wastewater treatment pumping stations

Energy solutions rental

We include the rental of generating sets and other accessory equipment in our operation for more than 20 years. We have new and semi-new machinery in compliance with all European standards, and have already rented many machines to private, institutional, state, autarchic clients, parish councils, IPSS (private social solidarity institutions), sports, cultural and academic associations, event committees, show producers, television networks, etc.

Industrial Equipment - Hotels

- Industrial kitchen solutions

- Industrial laundry solutions


Reference Clients


Headquarters – Offices – Warehouse – Technical Assistance

Zona Industrial, Via S2, Lotes 109 - 110 - 111

Vila Viçosa (Portugal)

Store 1 – Acclimatization Equipment

Rua Dr. António José de Almeida, nº 57

Vila Viçosa (Portugal)

Store 2 – Household Appliances

Largo Mouzinho de Albuquerque, Lojas F-L

Vila Viçosa (Portugal)

Direct Line: (351) 268.881.005

General Line: (351) 268.980.460

24h Emergency Contact: (351) 966.055.591/ 917.223.748

Fax: (351)268.999.121

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Apartado 28, 7160-292 Vila Viçosa (Portugal)

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